conflicted contradiction
conflicted contradiction
Hi, I'm Raëma and I'm just an awkward taco on two legs.
I like naps, coffee, animals, flowers, landscapes, procrastinating, lana, 1d, arctic monkeys, coldplay, the fray, a.h.s, teen wolf, game of thrones c':
k byee💜🍂



if i had a dime for everytime an adult man made me feel uncomfortable


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They should make job interviews like the blind stages in The Voice

You go in, talk, answer questions, and when the company wants you, the rep presses the button and bam “I want you!”

And then you decide which of the companies you’ll go with

Its actually a great idea since then they can’t judge you based on how you look

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when you get home and you realize that mcdonald’s fucked up your order


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